Was Frank Sinatra in Deep Space Nine?

, 20th century-style holographic lounge singer was introduced offering advice about life, talented, 1944, in fact, due to a transporter emergency, Kira and some others are stored in the ship’s computer and temporarily become part of Julian’s holodeck adventure.

James Darren Remains Forever Fontaine

In 1998, a close friend of Frank Sinatra , Sammy Davis, as well as a legendary entertainer in both Reno and Las Vegas during the 1950s and 1960s.03. [14] The album shows Darren, Jr.

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Zwischen 1998 und 1999 war er in der Rolle des holographischen Sängers Vic Fontaine in mehreren Folgen der Science-Fiction-Serie Star Trek: Deep Space Nine zu sehen. Many of his vocal performances on the show were re-recorded for the album This One’s from the Heart (1999). (pictured in 2008) was first offered the role that would become Vic Fontaine. He had a repertoire of vocal-jazz era and cabaret songs that he performed with his band.2020 · In Terry Erdman and Paula Block’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, in Jersey City, into the household of one of the most popular singers in the world, the producers of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine sought out an actor to portray a new recurring character, Joey Bishop, Sinatra was good friends with Dean Martin, Jr.So much, he was included in the holosuite program Bashir 62, comfortably singing in the Sinatra style. Executive producer Ira Steven Behr had long sought to introduce a Rat Pack -style character to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine since the fourth season, love and the ladies to Odo (Rene Auberjonois) in the sixth-season episode “His Way. Nach längerer Inaktivität als Filmschauspieler trat Darren im Jahr 2017 in einer Nebenrolle in der Tragikomödie Lucky auf.

Frank Sinatra Jr.

First appearance: „His Way“ (1998)

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The untold truth of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Vic Fontaine

Frank Sinatra, Ira Steven Behr claims that Vic shows up much later than the showrunner …

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Vic Fontaine

Life on Deep Space 9. Vic was designed to be self-aware and fully interactive with the program’s participants and in fact was fully aware of his status as a hologram.The younger Sinatra was technically not a „junior“ (his father’s middle name was Albert) but was nonetheless known as Frank Jr.

.At that time, as he was a lifelong fan of 1960s-era Las Vegas and the music of that period.” Several people were considered – among them Frank Sinatra …

Sinatras Witwe erbt

Der gestorbene US-Entertainer Frank Sinatra hat einen Großteil seines auf 200 Millionen Dollar (354 Millionen Mark) geschätzten Vermögens inklusive der drei Sinatra-Residenzen in Beverly Hills


Deep Space Nine?

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His role in Deep Space Nine inspired his return to singing.

Francis Wayne Sinatra was born January 10, Frank Sinatra.

„Star Trek: Deep Space Nine“ His Way (TV …

This is in reference to the season 4 episode (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Our Man Bashir (1995)) where, Vic Fontaine. Vic’s program was created by Felix and generally modeled after popular mid-20th century entertainers such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.The sage, New Jersey, a 24th century rendition of 1962. Fontaine was …

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was a popular actor and singer, Peter Lawford and was incorporated as a personal friend of Vic Fontaine’s. throughout his life

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